Nicholas Montgomery Powers

Carroll H. Lincoln Nov. 30, 1914 Jan. 27, 2002

Garry Littlejohn


Alice Allean Weaver

Jan. 15, 1851 Dec. 4, 1935

Nov. 29, 1844 May 12, 1935

Simon Lewis Peck

Publication Courtesy of Dianne Perry Whiteman

Captain David Perry


Simon Lewis Peck


Lucelia Evalette Reed Lincoln

b. May 17, 1922, Ira. 

Grad. West Rutland High School and worked for a time

in Howe's Coffee Shop; also a beauty operator.  Secretary in F.B.I. office, Washington, D.C.

Lucelia Lincoln

Ira Riverside Cemetery

Stewart Lincoln

Extract from  "The Fish family in England and America"

by Lester Warren Fish

Civil War   1861 - 1865