Old Salem Rutland Road Mile Marker

and Old Route 3 Project Marker

Old Salem-Rutland Road Mile Marker Found Near Kahle Road/Rt. 133 Intersection

North View

"8 to Rutland"

South View

"31 to Salem"

Photo of marker in original location

North View

Webster/Preston/Thibault House in upper left corner

Photo of marker in original location

South View

Recent photo of original location of marker

Mile Marker courtesy of Ron Johnson

Information from David Wright, Middletown Springs Historical Society

Old Route 3 Project Marker Originally Located across from Lincoln Home

Close up of writing

Photo of Original Location Mile Marker

Map of Location of Mile Marker

Full view

Neil Lincoln

Neil Lincoln showed us the Marker Post and location. It's right by his house.

From: Brian Sanderson (Apr. 12, 2018)

Vermont Agency of Transportation

"Well I did some research and got an answer for you regarding the marker post in Ira."

"You may indeed take it and display it for historical purposes."