Restoration of Town Hall

Town Hall Committee


Rutland Herald 1971

   Ira's Town Hall,  constructed in 1800,  stands today a crumbling structure.  Many bricks in the  building have already fallen out of

their places,  and a large section  of  brick in the  back of the hall

bulges outward.  The meeting hall has served many purposes in  the

course of its life.  (Herald Photo -Icken)

From 1995 Ira Town Report

Rutland Business Journal, Nov/Dec 1999, pg 3

Foundation and First Floor Repair 2000

After the renovation, the oil tank was in a shed on the north side of the Town Hall. Later the shed was closed in.

Garden Maintenance and Upgrade    May 2017-18

Aug. 2, 2017

Jerri Hoffman, Jim Kahle, Cacky Ayer-Dufner, Bob Toppin 

Photographer: Allyn Kahle

June, 15 2017

2019-2020-2021  Improvements to Second Floor





First  Iravhs meeting upstairs.  5/26/21.  New projector operating!!  Fantastic..

March  2, 2020

Town Hall Attic

Picture by Tim Perry