Ira Baptist Church

Ira Baptist Church



Collide Center

West Rutland

Ira Baptist Church Memorial Stained Glass Windows

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Sunday Service July 31, 2016

Mark Bigenhoe, Pastor

Ruth Meigs Debbie Hewitt Scott Hewitt Lydia Hewitt

Jacob Crockett Scott Hewitt Lydia Hewitt

Gardeners at work...

Peter Chase and crew

Old Church & Town Hall

Painting by J. Gordon White

Late 1950 or Early 1960?

Older picture of Parsonage

Ira Baptist Church Parsonage

February 2015

Baptist Church built 1854

Soldiers Monument 1922

Memorial Service for E. Ruthie Meigs.

She died March 24, 2022

The service was held at the Ira Baptist Church (April 9, 2022)

Ruthie was an excellent organ player for many years at this Church

Edited by

W. G. Cooper

Assisted by S. L. Peck

"In May, 1925, new gasoline lamps known as the "Diamond Lamps", made by the Akron Lamp Co. of Akron, Ohio, were installed in the church."

Excerpt from History of Ira Baptist Church, pg. 51 & 52

Ira Baptist Church Pastors 1783-2017 (Click)

Ira Baptist Church Slate Roof View

Roof slates originally spelled out IRA?

Rev. Bill Whiteman made this presentation. He is an Ira Resident.

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Records of the Ira Baptist Church Benevolent Sewing Society

"Last week I purchased a hand-written book of records of the Ira Baptist Church Benevolent Sewing Society. The organization was founded in May of 1847... Philip Crossman (Information provide by Torrey Crossman)