Captain David  Perry

Capt. David Perry was born 8 Aug 1741 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts and was christened 18 Oct 1741 as the Second Church of Rehoboth, Palmer's River, Rehoboth, Massachusetts. He was the son of Eliakim Perry and Sarah [Joy] Perry. He died 2 May 1826 in Ira, Rutland, Vermont and was buried May 1826 in Riverside Cemetery, Ira, Rutland, Vermont. In 1818-1819 while living in Chelsea, Orange, Vermont (his residence for 18 years), David Perry wrote his life history Recollections of an Old Soldier for his posterity. Because of its merit, it was generously published by Simeon Ide in Windsor, Vermont in 1822 where Ide's printing office stood. It appears that, possibly due to the locations of the production and publication of Perry's memoir, some have supposed -- erroneously -- that Perry died in Chelsea, and others, that he did so in Windsor. Ira is the correct location, a photo of the house in which Perry died being extant as well as photos of his gravestone. He and his wife Anna had been living in the home of their youngest son Nathaniel Green Perry since the time of their move with Nathaniel and family from Chelsea to Ira about 1823.

Capt. David Perry married Anna Bliss, daughter of John Bliss and Rebecca Whittaker, on 12 Jan 1764 in Killingly, Windham, Conn.. Anna was born 1 Apr 1740 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts and was christened 4 May 1739/1740. She is said to have died 12 Sep 1835 in Cornish, Sullivan, New Hampshire, which seems most likely since she had children and grandchildren living there, though some sources give her death place as Windsor, Vermont, across the Connecticut River from Cornish. Though her gravestone has not been found, there are many unmarked graves in the area. It is certain she lived with her husband up until his death.

NOTE: Capt. David Perry is sometimes said to have married Hannah Sherwin. He did not. Hannah Sherwin married David Perry of Barnstable, Massachusetts, Capt. David Perry's second cousin, the grandfathers of these two David's being brothers. This "other" David Perry, husband of Hannah Sherwin, is the son of John Perry Jr., son of John Perry Sr., son of Ezra Perry, immigrant ancestor of both David Perrys. "Cousin" David, was born 1 Apr 1728, and died in 1808. He married Hannah Sherwin 5 Apr 1761 in Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut; and had at least two children born in Hebron: Hannah (b. 21 Jan 1762) and Silas (b. 18 Apr 1763); and apparently another son David (b. abt 1765, possibly in Hebron). The couple may have had more offspring.


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